Welcome to the Wichita Hackathon!
— Hackathon, sponsored by EY – This high-octane weekend starting Oct. 1 forms teams around an idea and then evolves into a full-on rally to design, build and hustle your way to the winner of a cash prize for the top product. apply here.

Now don’t worry, coding isn’t required. This is a high octane weekend – 54hrs-ish to be more precise. It starts on Friday night by bringing your best, whacky, fun, or totally serious ideas and pitching them in a 1 minute lightning round!

It could be as simple as – ” I think making a board game would be really cool, I have never done it, but I play them a lot and I really like cats, so let’s make one for cats.”

Or as complex as – “I hate not knowing which subscriptions I have on my credit cards, I want to build a bot that cancels them off for me.”

The point is to have fun, try new things, and meet new people!

In fact, every team needs a few different types to be successful – Hustler, Hacker, Designers either one of each or a few to make a project really shine. Startups are a team sport after all!

— Hustler – You are the idea person, you can see the vision and rally people behind you to bring it to meet your customer needs. Pitching may be new to you and that’s ok! Your focus this weekend is to build a community of potential customers, refine your idea with the team and your customers and validate with a transaction. (This could be a download, signup, money, any action that shows demand)

— Hacker – You are the builder. Often times this actually isn’t coding, but it can be. Your job is to work with your team to make the minimum viable product (MVP) that your customer will take a validation action or pay money to use. Trust us, 54 hours flies by – think big, but build small.

— Designer – You add the beauty that the customer falls in love with. This can be wordsmithing copy, graphic design, picking out colors and making everything feel great! Your job is to make sure that the team’s vision is communicated through the visuals and touch in the product & final pitch.

Once you form teams Friday night, it’s an all out sprint to get your vision scoped, built, and tested with some form of validation before pitching your progress to the judges Sunday afternoon for a total of $5000 cash in prizes!

Here is the full schedule

Housekeeping Logistics

We will have light food on Friday night and dinner sponsored by Carlos O’ Kellys on Saturday. You will need to plan for breakfast & lunches throughout the weekend.

Judging criteria – will be a traditional NPS score style 1-10 (10 being best) to determine the top teams. We will look at: Creativity of Idea, Business Model Canvas <LINK>, Customer Validation, Execution & Design.

To pitch your idea, it should be an idea you haven’t put meaningful work into, a project you are willing to collaborate with strangers on, and can be measured for some kind of ‘win’ in 54 hours.

In person location is at Groover Labs, there is power and internet access but you are going to get kicked out every night at 10pm – so plan accordingly.